News 07-24-06

Nations battle over rights to ancient artifacts

July 24, 2006 / Heather Whipps, LiveScience

Just who holds the deeds to ancient artifacts—the institutes that house them or the countries they came from? Museums might want to bolt their collections to the floor, if a slew of 2006 court decisions are any indication.

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News 06-22-06

Greece: Secrets of the Past

June 22, 2006 / Paul Kalina, Reviewer

ATHENS, Greece -- Trip to ancient Greece is an improvement on the typical crusty Imax documentary.

Greece: Secrets of the Past is a cannily conceived big-screen experience.

For a host of reasons, not least of which the expense of their production and limited exhibition opportunities, films made in the big-screen Imax format are invariably crusty documentaries invested with educational values.

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News 05-25-06

Acropolis project inches ahead

May 25, 2006 / Kathimerini / Greece

ATHENS, Greece -- Three basic restoration programs on the Acropolis monuments are moving along on target and are expected to be completed by the end of the year, a senior official said yesterday.

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News 05-23-06

IMAX reveals Greek secrets

May 23, 2006 / Daily Staff Report / Vail Daily

DENVER - A new film, "Greece: Secrets of the Past" opens June 9 at the Phipps IMAX Theatre at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. Directed by two-time Academy Award-nominated filmmaker Greg MacGillivray, the film tells the story of how a 21st century Greek archaeologist is uncovering the secret history of his ancient ancestors.

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